Comprehensive analytics for all your people data, fully integrated with your existing toolset.

Easy Reporting

Beautiful reports and dashboards on your changing organization. Answer any and all questions around composition, recruiting, attrition and diversity.

Predictive Analytics

We analyze what's changing in your organization and predict what will change in the future. Optimize recruiting, reduce turnover, and ensure organizational happiness.

Works out of the box

Integration is easy. Simply authorize your tools, and we'll have you up and running in no time. We'll even do a complimentary data audit so you can trust what you see.


Optimize your recruiting practices to hire smarter and faster.

Understanding and strategizing with your data is easier than ever. Quickly see KPIs and dig into the data.

  • Applications

    Track key metrics

    Tracking recruiting KPIs is easy - get clean, high quality, reliable recruiting metrics in your dashboard.

  • Analyze the underlying data

    Slice and dice your data in every way to discover what's going on under the hood of your team.

  • Time to Fill
    Time to Fill Distribution

    Get predictive

    Workforce planning just got easier - use your data to predict how long it will take to fill a role, and how many candidates you need to source.


Understand your company's narrative.

Starling brings together all your people data to create a detailed snapshot of any team or individual to ensure you never miss a beat.

  • Recent events
    8 months ago
    36th birthday
    9 months ago
    $15,000 raise ($149,000).
    10 months ago
    Attrition in team. Low team survey score.
    a year ago
    2nd hire anniversary
    a year ago
    Performance review. Rated 4/5.
    Feb 2015
    $19,000 raise ($134,000).
    Jan 2015
    Promoted to Lead Engineer, Product.
    Dec 2014
    1st hire anniversary
    Dec 2014
    Performance review. Rated 4/5.
    Apr 2014
    $15,000 raise. ($115,000).
    Mar 2014
    34th birthday
    Dec 2013
    • See Everyone's Story

      Get summary dashboards on all your teams, drill down to individual members to see the beating heart of your organization.

    • Helping You Build a Diverse Workforce

      Build diversity reports to see how your organization is changing over time. See which recruiting sources contribute to diversity.

    • Understand a Changing Organization

      Understand trends in recruiting, surveys, performance, attrition so that you can better plan for the future.


Build a retention plan backed by data

Understanding attrition is the first step to solving it. Construct detailed attrition reports to get to the root cause.

  • Count
    vs 48
    vs 12%
    Cost ($)
    vs 3.2M
    Avg. Tenure

    Extensive Attrition Reports

    Build attrition reports that get at the issues. Analyze trends and review exit interview data.

  • Get Ahead with Attrition Prediction

    Address your attrition problems before they happen. Our models use the latest machine learning tools and data from all our customers - tailored to you.

    Derek Stanton
    Risk: Very High
    • Approaching 1 year cliff
    • Recent attrition in team
    • Low survey scores

    • High market demand
How it works

We'll work with every tool you use

Plug-in data from your HR tools, and we'll provide you with a new perspective on your organization.

Comprehensive analytics await you.
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